Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 P610 64GB RAM Wi-Fi With S-Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 P610 64GB RAM Wi-Fi With S-Pen

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הטאבלט המושלם מבית סמסונג – Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 P610 64GB 4GB RAM Wi-Fi With S-Pen.


ה-S6 Lite יגיע עם מערכת ההפעלה אנדרואיד 10 וממשק המשתמש One UI 2 של סמסמונג,
כשמתחת למכסה נוכל למצוא את מערכת השבבים Exynos 9611,
גרסה מומהרת של ה-Exynos 9610 בעלת 8 הליבות, יחד עם 4GB זיכרון ו-64GB
בצד האחורי של הטאבלט נוכל למצוא מצלמת 8 מגה-פיקסל בודדת בנוסף למצלמת 5 מגה-פיקסל קדמית.


What sort of furniture can you make?

All of the furniture we make is entirely bespoke, so we're open to sugggestions. It might be a beautiful coffee table for the living room or an object the world has never seen before. In theory that means we can make any object you desire (provided it's structurally sound!). When we commission a piece, we will generate a professional computer render as part of the design process. This helps to finalise the design for everyone involved, bringing peace of mind before the crafting begins.

What information do you need from me?

The beauty of bespoke furniture is it's designed for you so generally more information is always better. We want to know how you imagine the piece so expect questions such as: What is the use of your furniture and when would you like it? Does it need certain features or particularly like a specific species of wood? What are the logistics for delivering the piece to your home? Do you have a budget in mind? (we know no one likes to think about this, but it really is worth knowing before designing a project) Pictures and dimensions of spaces as well as thoughts on the wood species are extremely useful and helps to get the process rolling although we can discuss these more thoroughly in person.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UK but as a small business based in Yorkshire we're conscious of remaining a sustainable business environmentally so for large custom pieces travelling nationwide we aim to deliver in the most efficient manner and that can affect time/expense.

Why should I buy bespoke furniture?

The joy of bespoke furniture, well bespoke anything, is it's yours! The story of your furniture is unique and it means so much more to feel a connection to your belongings. Designing a piece of furniture gives you choice over shape, size, colour, design features and rewards those with a clear vision about their home. All whilst knowing it will be crafted with consideration and skill.

How much is it going to cost?

We know money is a subject we don't like to talk about culturally but it is important to be on the same wavelength when commissioning a piece. Bespoke work is generally more expensive than pick up pieces you might find on the high street. This is because we take in to account the specialist materials, skills and time that would be dedicated to your personal project. If you need a quote for a particular piece of furniture and have some ideas in mind then feel free to contact us.

What makes you different to others?

My science and teaching background means I'm always looking be innovative with designs and offer something different to the traditional. As a customer you'll get professional, modern designs and clear communication about a project. Additionally, our focus will always be on making our business as ethical and environmental as possible. We recyle or reuse all our materials, and where possible, avoid single-use plastics in the first place. Whilst that does mean we're unlikely to offer plastic epoxy-resin river tables, it does mean you can be confident on the provenance of your project. Over 90% of our timber is sourced within 5 miles of the workshop. We use our small and mobile nature to your advantage. All processes from drawer crafting to painting are done in house, which means you can be confident on the timing of a project. We aren't restricted by the timetables of other, as you'll often find in larger workshops.